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A great gift idea all year around - we have hundreds of ideas for custom keychains and started out with these best sellers. New for 2018 - Baseball, Hockey, and Football.

Details: Patera antiqued gold, copper and silver tags are made of pewter, and are a nice size and weight for both men and women alike.  Keychain includes a large clasp to connect to a bag, purse, zipper, or master keychain.  Charms adorn each side of these creations.

Options: after selecting your key chain idea below, you can also have it made 3 ways - on gold, copper or silver.

SWIMMER – “keep swimming” includes a fish, as well as a swimmer charm with an aqua crystal accent.

NORWEGIAN – “uff da” includes a real Norwegian coin, Viking helmet, and norways national colors.

BASKETBALL – “swish” includes a basketball, a hoop with “pass-shoot-score”, and a “miracles” charm

VOLLEYBALL – “volley” includes a volleyball, a hoop with “pass-set-spike”, and a “believe” charm

RUNNER– “keep running” includes a running shoe, and accent stamping “10k-13.1-26.2” and a “believe” charm

FOOTBALL– “touch down” includes a football, and accent stamping “pass–block-run” and a “believe” charm

HOCKEY– “goal” includes hockey sticks, and accent stamping “deke-check-shot” and a “believe” charm

BASEBALL– “home run” includes a ball/glove, and accent stamping “pitch-catch-hit” and a ceramic baseball tied with glove colored leather.

Each Diakonos Designs' creation is one of a kind, individually and carefully made just for you. Your piece will closely replicate the one pictured above.  Your purchase arrives in a gold gift box complete with product description card. Scripture references are from NIV1984 unless otherwise noted.

Please note this item features hand stamped metal. Letters may vary in alignment and/or some letters may strike deeper than others, making your finished jewelry unique and giving it character.



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