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The STARFISH STORY (below) is a timeless story told in many ways - and has inspired many to go forward with their plans to make a difference, no matter how small it may seem to others.

Why adopt that overseas born child?  there are millions of them - you can't adopt them all!

Why go on that mission trip?  there are millions of needy people around the world - you can't save them all!

Why visit the nursing home?  there are millions of elderly - you can't spend time with them all!

But if you have the strength and determination not to listen to others, and instead, follow your heart, you will soon see what a difference it makes and just how much "it matters to that one".

Details: A copper focal with the message hand stamped in ocean blue, with pearl and matching blue dangles.   An antique silver starfish is nestled by the dangles.   Another complete set of dangles is paired with a conch shell near the clasp.

Length: adjustable to any size depending on where you connect the clasp to the modular chain - let us know your size and we will make the chain just the right adjustable length.

Clasp:  Lobster

Focal Dimensions: Approximately 0.75" H x 1.5" W

Inspiration/Scripture: As dawn broke over the beach, the old man asked the youth why he was flinging starfish into the sea. The answer was they’d die if left in the sun. “But the beach goes for miles and there are millions of them,” he countered,. “What matter is it going to make?” The young man looked at the starfish as he threw it to safety, and replied simply - “It matters to that one.”

Each Diakonos Designs' creation is one of a kind, individually and carefully made just for you. Your piece will closely replicate the one pictured above.  Your purchase arrives in a gold gift box complete with product description card. Scripture references are from NIV1984 unless otherwise noted.



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