TWISTED (and Smooth) RINGS
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Our Chevron Bracelet family uses these hard to find premium jump rings, and folks have asked to buy these ala carte for some time.   At approximately 18 gauge, they stay closed like soldered rings, yet can be opened to use for various projects, including making earrings to match your bracelet designs.

6mm rings pair well with size 6 seed beads, and 8mm pair with size 5's.   Choose from at least 6 finishes of each size.

We sell the 6mm rings in bags of 70, and 8mm rings in bags of 60 - each able to make about 8 linear inches of beads and rings to accomodate large wrists and even anklets.

New for 2017 - all 13 choices are now available by the gross(144pk) for a savings of 15%-20% over the per bag price.  Stock up now!

New for 2017 - 5 choices of SMOOTH soldered rings now available in 6mm (at the bottom of the drop down list of selections)!



TWISTED (and Smooth) RINGS

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