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The Twin Cities Bead Bazaar was so busy, most may not have noticed the many items we prepared for the local audience:

A Premium VIKINGS necklace with amethyst and pearl dangles, 18" silver plate chain - SALE $16

A GOPHERS necklace with swarovski crystal dangles, 24" ball chain - SALE $14

A VIKINGS Vinery Bracelet Kit - SALE $16

A VIKINGS Ladderweave Bracelet Kit with Viking Helmet charm - SALE $22

We do custom metal stamping.  A best seller in our studio for all local teams, including High School and College teams.  Be the best dressed fan at the tailgate party, in the stands, or in front of the TV :)  We are happy to make something custom for your favorite team - Northstars, Twins, etc.

Options: choose from one of the deals shown.

Designer: Ed Guzman

Each Diakonos Designs' creation is one of a kind, individually and carefully made just for you. Your piece will closely replicate the one pictured above.  Your purchase arrives in a gold gift box complete with product description card. 

Please note this item features hand stamped metal. Letters may vary in alignment and/or some letters may strike deeper than others, making your finished jewelry unique and giving it character. 

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