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Rich colors burst out from these natural stones nestled in a unique design that draws curiousity.  This bracelet works well for men or women of any age. 

Details: The Wordless Book has been in use since 1866 using just color as a tool to share the Gospel message.  Matrix of colors, stones, and symbolic meaning listed below. Six 8mm diameter stones attached to 20 gauge wire to hold their shape . 

Length: 7", or specify custom length to the nearest 1/2 inch.

Clasp: Toggle

Focal Dimensions: 0.33" H x 2.0" W

Options:  3mm black leather, or antique silver chain.


GOLD/PYRITE = HEAVEN – God’s created and intended order for the world, but sin enters the world.

BLACK/ONYX = SIN - Romans 3:23  All have sinned, Romans 6:23 wages of sin is death.

RED/CARNELIAN = BLOOD - 1 John 1:7 Jesus’ blood covers all sin.

WHITE/Mother of PEARL = CLEAN  - Psalm 51:7 Jesus washes away all confessed sin.

GREEN/British Columbia JADE = GROW - 2 Peter 3:18 Grow in the knowledge of the Lord.

BLUE/LAPIS = ETERNITY - John 5:24 Believe on Jesus and receive Eternal Life.

Each Diakonos Designs' creation is one of a kind, individually and carefully made just for you. Your piece will closely replicate the one pictured above.  Your purchase arrives in a gold gift box complete with product description card. Scripture references are from NIV1984 unless otherwise noted.

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